Richmond, Euphemia Johnson Guernsey. Woman, First and Last: And What She Has Done. 2 vols. New York: Phillips & Hunt; Cincinnati, OH: Cranston & Stowe, 1887; 1891.

TOC: vol. I: Eve; Wives of the Patriarchs; Miriam; Deborah; Ruth; Hannah; Jezebel; Athaliah; Esther; Panthea, Queen of the Susians; Cleopatra; Salome; Chelonis; Mary, Mother of Jesus; Salome, the Daughter of Herodias [second Salome]; Joan of Arc; Catharine Adorna; Queen Isabella; Catherine de Medici; Catharine von Bora; Olympia Morata; Catharine Parr; Lady Jane Grey; Queen Mary of England; Queen Elizabeth of England; Queen Mary of Scotland; Lady Fanshawe; Mrs. Lucy Hutchinson. vol II: Lady Arabella Johnson; Mme Guyon; Christina, Queen of Sweden; Susannah Wesley; Pocahontas; Queen Anne; Selina, Countess of Huntingdon; Mary Washington; Maria Theresa; Catherine of Russia; Mrs. Howard; Martha Washington; Barbara Heck; Mary Fletcher; Hannah More; Mme Roland; Marie Antoinette; Charlotte Corday; Mme Lafayette; Josephine; Mrs. General Jackson; Mme Lavalette; Mrs. Thomas Jefferson; Mrs. Madison; Grace Webster; Elizabeth Fry; Mrs. Ann H. Judson; Lydia Huntley Sigourney; Mary Lyon; Mary Somerville; Mrs. Phebe Palmer; Victoria; Florence Nightingale; Charlotte Bronte; Agnes E. Jones; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Harriet Hosmer.

Making “no claim to originality,” the volumes testify to “the power of woman for good or evil,” and to the fact that “intellect has no sex” (3).

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