Timpson, Thomas. British Female Biography: Being Select Memoirs of Pious Ladies in Various Ranks of Public and Private Life: Including Queens, Princesses, Martyrs, Scholars, Instructors, Poetesses, Philanthropists, Ministers' Wives. London: Aylott & Jones, 1846.

TOC: vol I: British Queens: Queen Bertha [title “Queen” repeated for each of the following]; Ethelberga; Margaret of Scotland; Eleanora; Anne, of Bohemia; Catherine Parr; Jane Grey; Mary II.; vol II: British Princesses: Princess Claudia, of Rome[title "Princess" repeated]; Margaret; Elizabeth of Bohemia; Elizabeth, of the Rhine; Amelia; Charlotte, of Wales.; vol III: British Female Martyrs: Lady Joan Boughton; Helen Stark; Lady Anne Askew; Mrs. Warne; Joan Lashford; Joan Waste; Alice Benden; Mrs. Lewis; Cicelly Ormes; Elizabeth Prest; Lady Lisle; Mrs. Gaunt.; vol IV: British Learned Ladies: Mrs. Roper; Lady Anna Bacon; Lady Russel [sic]; Mrs. Carter; Miss Smith.; vol V: British Ladies' Instructors: Mrs. Hannah More; Mrs. Martha More; Miss Neale; Mrs. Graham; Miss Graham.; vol VI: British Poetesses: Countess of Pembroke; Mrs. Rowe; Mrs. Steele; Miss Jane Taylor; Mrs. Bulmer.; vol VII: British Philanthropists: Anne, Countess of Pembroke; Lady Hewley; Lady Glenorchy; Selina, Countess of Huntingdon; Miss Gray; Mrs. Rupertia Hill; Mrs. Fry.; vol VIII: British Minister's Wives: Mrs. Baxter; Mrs. Bury; Mrs. Wesley; Mrs. Good; Mrs. Doddridge; Mrs. Fletcher; Mrs. John Clayton.

Author of Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Fry (same publisher, and New York: Stanford & Swords, 1847).

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