Bacon, David Francis, ed. Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women of Britain and America. New Haven: D. McLeod, 1833.

Evident reference to Gibbons and later editions by Jerment, Burder, and others 1777-1836.

TOC: Lady Jane Grey; Queen Catharine Parr; Countess of Warwick; Lady Elizabeth Brooke; Lady Alice Lucy; Lady Frances Hobart; Viscountess Falkland; Mrs. Lucy Hutchinson; Mrs. Catharine Clark; Countess of Carbery; Lady Rachel Russell; Mrs. Elizabeth Bury; Queen Mary II; Mrs. Elizabeth Burnet; Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe; Countess of Seafield; Elizabeth West; Lady Elizabeth Hastings; Countess of Huntingdon; Lady Ann Agnes Erskine; Viscountess Glenorchy; Lady Henrietta Hope; Mrs. Sarah Edwards; Mrs. Sarah Osborn; Miss Susanna Anthony; Mrs. Martha Laurens Ramsay; Mrs. Isabella Graham; Mrs Harriet Newell; Miss Fanny Woodbury; Mrs. Susan Huntington; Miss Caroline Elizabeth Smelt; Mrs. Susan Poor; Mrs. Elizabeth Dolson; Mrs. Sally Agard; Miss Elizabeth Peck; Miss Lydia B. Leavitt; Miss Elizabeth Hough; Mrs. Sally Rundal; Miss Catharine Brown; Tahneh; Mrs. Jane Clark; Mrs. Elizabeth Bishop; Mrs. Ann Hasseltine Judson; Mrs. Esther Butler; Eliza; Mrs. Myra W. Allen; Miss Hannah Adams.

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