1804. Jerment, Rev. George, ed. Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women, Who Were Ornaments of Their Sex, Blessings to Their Countries and Edifying Examples to the Church and World by Thomas Gibbons. Revised ed. 2 vols. London: Ogle.

See How To Make It as a Woman, 52-53.

TOC: vol. I (22 subjects): Lady Jane Grey; Catharine Parr; Jane, Queen of Navarre; Queen Mary; Countess of Suffolk; Lady Mary Armyne; Lady Elizabeth Langham; Countess of Warwick; Lady Elizabeth Brooke; Mrs. Margaret Andrews; Lady Alice Lucy; Lady Margaret Houghton; Mrs. Ann Baynard; Lady Frances Hobart; the Right Hon. the Lady Cutts; the Right Hon. the Lady Elizabeth Hastings; Mrs. Jane Ratcliffe; Mrs. Catherine Breterg; Lady Rachel Russell; Mrs. Elizabeth Burnet; Mrs. Elizabeth Bury; Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. vol. II (26 subjects): Mrs. Joan Drake; Lady Falkland; Lady Halket; Mrs. Rebecca Combe; Mrs. Gertrude Clarkson; Mrs. Mary Terry; Elizabeth West; Mrs. Ann Dutton; Mrs. Housman; Mrs. Hannah Woodd [sic]; Miss Gray; Miss Sarah Manwaring; Mrs. Margert Magdelene Althens; Lady Henrietta Hope; Lady Glenorchy; Lady Huntingdon; Mrs. Talbot; Mrs. Campbell; Lady Burford; Mrs. Isabella Brander; Mrs. Middleton; Miss Henrietta Neale; Mrs. Walker; Mrs. Humphreys; Mrs. Hutchinson; Mrs. Grace Bennet.

Second volume by Rev. George Jerment. Preface by George Jerment dated Weston Place, May 23, 1804: "among the British writers on this subject, the late Dr. Gibbons holds the most eminent place. His two volumes are here compressed into one, the less important or extraneous matter in his collection being omitted. Some, though very few, of the lives in his volumes are, for the same reason, entirely left out" (ital in orig; x). Jerment used "various sources" for second volume, and only wrote a few himself. Whereas Gibbons's original 2-vol. work included only subjects who were English and "in high life," Jerment's second volume includes "NINE Scots women, of various ranks, who were remarkably pious" (x-xi). 2 pp. catalogue at end: Ogle in London, Glasgow; Ogle and Aikin, Edinburgh, mostly sermons.

See Gibbons (1777), Gibbons and Dana (1803), and Burder, Gibbons, and Jerment (1815).

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