Adams, William Henry Davenport. Child-Life and Girlhood of Remarkable Women: A Series of Chapters from Female Biography. London: W. Swan Sonnenschein, 1883; 1885; Sonnenschein & Lowery, 1887. Illustrated. New York: Dutton; London: Sonnenschein, 1895. London: Swan Sonnenschein, 1904.

TOC: Harriet Martineau; Fanny Burney; Elizabeth Inchbald; Charlotte Bronte; Sara Coleridge; Mrs. Somerville; Mary Russell Mitford; Lady Morgan; Lady Jane Grey; Mrs. Hutchinson; Mary Sidney Countess of Pembroke; Margaret More Roper; Mary Granville; Lady Montagu; Mary Wortley; Katharine Philips; Laetitia Pilkington; Elizabeth Rowe; Catherine of Siena; Joan of Arc; Mme de Miramion; Elizabeth Carter; Caroline Herschel; Mme Pape-Carpantier; Mrs.Fry; Lady Fanshawe; Mrs. Godolphin; Mme Roland; Mme Michelet; Eugenie de Guerin. *Pop Chart.

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