Adams, Henry Gardiner, ed. Cyclopaedia of Female Biography: Consisting of Sketches of All Women Who Have Been Distinguished by Great Talents, Strength of Character, Piety, Benevolence, or Moral Virtue of Any Kind; Forming a Complete Record of Womanly Excellence or Ability. London: Groombridge, 1857. Glasgow: Forrester, Stockwell, 1866. London: Routledge, 1869.

See How To Make It as a Woman, 206.

Borrows from Hale; British Library lists it under Hale. Frontispiece: vignettes of Lady Jane Grey, Lady Russell, Hannah More, and Felicia Hemans, cluster around a doubly crowned Queen Victoria. Many standard subjects form an encyclopedic group. Some subjects, such as Anna Jameson, Grace Aguilar, Sarah Hale, Elizabeth Ellet, and Agnes Strickland, are also presenters. A sample of the contents is listed here.

TOC: Lady Jane Grey; "Lady W. Russell"; Hannah More; Felicia Hemans; Queen Victoria; Anna Jameson; Grace Aguilar; Sarah Hale; Elizabeth Ellet; Agnes Strickland; Margaret Fuller; Harriet Martineau; Sarah Martin; Ann Judson; the Maid of Saragossa.

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