Walford, Lucy Bethia. Four Biographies from ‘Blackwood’: Jane Taylor, Elizabeth Fry, Hannah More, Mary Somerville. Edinburgh; London: Blackwood, 1888.

TOC: Jane Taylor; Elizabeth Fry; Hannah More; Mary Somerville.

Author of Recollections of a Scottish Novelist (1910). Cambridge University Library stamp 28 Nov 88. On endpaper advertisements, "L.B. Walford" is clearly a woman novelist, author of uniform octavo volumes published by Blackwood, e.g. Mr Smith, Troublesome Daughters , The Baby’s Grandmother. The 312 pages are uncut in Cambridge copy. Catalogue of Messrs Blackwood and Sons’ publications appears in final 21 pp., featuring such educational and reference works such as an English dictionary and series: philosophical classics for English readers; foreign classics for English readers; ancient classics ditto.

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