Thayer, William M[akepeace]. Women Who Win: Or Making Things Happen. New York, London, and Edinburgh: Nelson, 1896; 1897; 1898; 1901; 1908.

TOC: Harriet Beecher Stowe; Florence Nightingale; Dorothea Lynde Dix; Margaret Fuller Ossoli; Frances Power Cobbe; Mary Lyon; Mary Ashton Livermore; Jenny Lind; Louisa May Alcott; Queen Victoria; Mary Somerville; Lucy Stone Blackwell; Frances Elizabeth Willard; Clara Harlowe Barton; Elizabeth Fry.

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Possible expansion or rev. ed. of previous book, continued posthumously. Pref: “There is no sex among souls; hence there is none in success.” “Women are joint-partners now in making the world better. . . . The views of womanhood, a hundred years ago, were astonishingly false” (iii-iv).

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