K[elty], M[ary] A[nn]. Biography for Young Ladies. London: Kendrick, 1839.

TOC: Princess Charlotte of Wales; Mrs. James Fordyce; Mrs. Hannah Moore; Miss Elizabeth Smith; Mrs. Rowe; Mrs. Elizabeth Carter; Lady Russel; Lady Jane Grey.

British Library. Rare, non-circulating, and not available online (2011). Purchased copy has damaged brown cloth covers (dim impressions of floral frames), newer spine with gold lettering. Names spelled thus in contents, i.e. "Moore" for "More" and "Russel" for Russell. Grey and Gray are alternate spellings in many works. Frontispiece engraving of greyhound and lilies. Octavo with gilded page edges (216 pp.). Epigraph in small caps on title page: "Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised." Proverbs, XXX. 30. Short preface; "A young lady might, from reading the life of Hannah Moore, be desirous of imitating her ardent desire of instructing the poor; she might attend a Sunday School for that purpose, and, for trying to benefit others, God might reward her by blessing his word to her own soul" (iv). The examples instill the "virtues, which every mother would be delighted to see blossoming..." while the book aims "to amuse, instruct, and edify Young Ladies" (v). At the close of Lady Jane Grey's biography a horizontal line marks off direct address: "And now, my dear young friends, reflect, I entreat you, upon the information to be derived from the perusal of my little volume." Specific comments on each subject leads to the summation, "make the Bible your guide" and a final couplet commending a heavenly reward for good conduct (210-16).

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