Howitt, Mary, ed. Biographical Sketches of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Victoria; or, Royal Book of Beauty. Illustrated by Twenty-Eight Highly-Finished Portraits on Steel. London: Bohn, 1851; 1856; 1862; Virtue, 1862; 1866; ["Thirty-One . . . Portraits"], 1868; Rutter, 1865. Chicago: Wasson, 1901.

TOC: Matilda of Flanders, Queen of WIlliam the Conqueror; Matilda of Scotland, Queen of Henry I; Adelais of Louvaine, Second Queen of Henry I; Matilda the Empress, Daughter of Henry I; Matilda of Boulogne, Queen of Stephen; Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of Henry II; Berengaria of Navarra, Queen of Richard I; Isabella of Angouleme, Queen of John; Eleanor of Provence, Queen of Henry III; Eleanor of Castille, Queen of Edward I; Marguerite of France, Second Queen of Edward I; Isabella of France, Queen of Edward II; Philippa of Heinault, Queen of Edward III; Anne of Bohemia, Queen of Richard II; Isabella of Valois, Second Queen of Richard II; Joanna of Navarre, Queen of Henry IV; Katherine of Valois, Queen of Henry V; Margaret of Anjou, Queen of Henry VI; Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward IV; Anne of Warwick, Queen of Richard III; Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VII; Katherine of Aragon, Queen of Henry VIII; Anne Boleyn, Second Queen of Henry VIII; Jane Seymour, Third Queen of Henry VIII; Anne of Cleves, Fourth Queen of Henry VIII; Katherine Howard, Fifth Queen of Henry VIII; Katherine Paar, Sixth Queen of Henry VIII; Lady Jane Grey; Mary the First, Queen Regnant; Elizabeth, Queen Regnant; Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I; Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I; Katherine of Braganza, Queen of Charles II; Mary Beatrice of Modena, Queen of James II; Mary the Second, Queen of William III; Anne, Queen Regnant; Caroline of Anspach, Queen of George II; Charlottes of Mechlenberg Strelitz, Queen of George III; Caroline of Brunswick, Queen of George IV; Adelaide of Saxe Meiningen, Queen of William IV; Victoria.

See How To Make It as a Woman, 255-62.

See Strickland. “Advertisement: The materials for this Volume [sic], together with the extremely beautiful Portraits which it contains, having come into the hands of the Publisher, he has availed himself of the services of its present accomplished Editor, to revise, correct, and condense them, as well as to complete the series by the addtion of new Memoirs. No pains have been spared, to render it every way worthy of its national and highly interesting contents; and he feels that he may present it with confidence as one of the most perfect histories of our QUEENS which it is possible to comprise in a single volume.” Text and illustration in Cowden Clarke and Howitt almost entirely differ (anecdotes shared). Illustration of Queen Elizabeth in Strickland (1851) and Howitt (1851) completely differ, and the text of the abridged as well as vol. 4 1851 Strickland differs markedly from Howitt (latter full of censure). No illustration of Anne, subject of vol. 8 of Strickland (1851).

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