Strang, Lewis Clinton. Famous Actresses of the Day in America. Boston: Page, 1899. As Famous Actresses of the Day. Boston: Page, 1906.

An account of famous actresses in America from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. The facts for the biographies were collected from various contemporaneous publications and also from the actresses themselves. Each chapter is devoted to the life of a single actress; chapters are approximately 10-15 pages in length.

TOC: Maude Adams; Julia Marlowe; Sarah Cowell LeMoyne; Minnie Maddern Fiske; Ida Conquest; Blanche Walsh; Annie Russell; Isabel Irving; Maxine Elliott; Ada Rehan; Virginia Harned; Viola Allen; Corona Riccardo; Mary Mannering; Julia Arthur; May Irwin; Effie Shannon; Mrs. Leslie Carter; Mary Shaw; Olga Nethersole; Lillian Lawrence; Blanche Bates; Eslie DeWolfe; Rose Coghlan; Margaret Anglin; Fay Davis; Odette Tyler; Marie Burroughs; Kathryn Kidder; Helena Modjeska; May Robson.

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