Facts to Correct Fancies; or, Short Narratives Compiled from the Biography of Remarkable Women. Written for Children, by a Mother. Facts to Correct Fancies London: Harris, 1840. New York: Francis, 1845; 1846. London: Grant & Griffith, [1800s?]. Reprinted as “James Miller,” Short Stories From the Lives of Remarkable Women: Being Narratives of Fact to Correct Fiction, As Related to Her Children. New York: Miller, 1861.

British Library. Interweaves a series of biographies with a tale of childhood like the early books of The Mill on the Floss . Narrated by father.

TOC: Lady Jane Grey; Lady Anna Halket; Lady Arundel; Jane de Mountfort; Madame Dacier; Queen Elizabeth; Liona; Mademoiselle Maille; Mary, Queen of William III; Martha Glar; Mademoiselle Delleglace; Madame Lefort; Madame St. Belmont; Madame St. Nectaire; Helena Lucretia Cornaro; Inez de la Cruz; Countess of Leicester; Joan of Arc; Madame de Mouchy; Mademoiselles de Bussy and de Brion.

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