Cochelet, Louise [“Mme Parquin”]. Lives of Celebrated Women. [London: Bentley, 1833].

TOC: Maria Letizia Bonaparte; Zingha, Queen of Matamba and Angola; Lady Jane Grey; Doña Catalina de Erauso; Beatrice Cenci; Catherine Alexiewna; Ann Boleyn; Anne Louise Germaine Necker; Charlotte Corday; Josephine; Mary, Queen of England; Marina Mniszech; Christina, Queen of Sweden; Lady Mary Wortley Montagu; Marie Antoinette; Mary of Medicis.

Not in British Library. This title also used by Samuel Griswold Goodrich. Also by Cochelet, Memoires sur la reine Hortense et la famille impériale . 4 vols. Paris: L'Advocat, 1836-1838. Long-running publication in Paris and Brussels, distinct from above and evidently not translated into English.

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