Blessington, Marguerite, Countess of [1789-1849], ed. The Book of Beauty, or Regal Gallery. London: Bogue, 1848; 1849. New York: Appleton, 1848; 1849. As Heath's Book of Beauty (an annual), London and New York: Longman [etc.], 1834-36; 1839; 1840; 1842; 1846.

Annual, Heath's Book of Beauty, begun in 1834. Corresponds with Jerrold, Finden, Burke, and Jameson. "Gallery" is a literal and figurative premise for at least twenty collections in this bibliography.

Blessington also ed. Keepsake from 1841. L.E.L. also listed as editor.

TOC: Queen Victoria; Isabella of Angouleme; Marguerite of France; Isabella of France; Anne of Bohemia; Catharine; Margaret of Anjou; Elizabeth of York; Katharine of Arragon; Mary the First; Elizabeth; Anne.

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