Burke, John. The Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Females: Including Beauties of the Courts of George IV and William IV. 2 vols., London: E. Bull/Bull and Churton, 1833.

British Library. 36 subj. vol. 1; 36 in vol. 2. Portraits by Sir T. Lawrence and others, including Mrs. J. Robertson and Miss E. Kendrick, engraved by Thomson, Dean, Cochrane and others. Burke's “memoirs” are skeletal genealogies or annals focused on males (cross-referenced among interrelated families). Wide individualist variety in the portraits. No discernible order. This collection corresponds with Jerrold, Blessington, and Jameson. "Gallery" is a literal and figurative premise for at least twenty collections in this bibliography.

TOC: Countess Gower; Countess of Charleville; Lady Anne Beckett; Lady Dover; Lady John Thynne; Lady J. A. Brydges; Countess of Belfast; Lady Sophia Gresley; Miss Georgiana Harcourt; Marcrioness of Londonberry; Countess of Guilford; Lady Alicia J. Peel; Lady Elizabeth Wathen; Hon. Mrs. Charles Lindsay; Lardy W. H. Cholmondeley; Mrs. George Lane-Fox; Viscountess Eastnor; Countess of Dendigh; Dowager Countess of Errol; Lady Burke; Lady Emily Fielding; Dowger Countess Grey; Lady Charlotte Bury; Viscountess Ebrington; Duchess of Northumberland; Mrs. Fitzgerald; Lady Rodney; Viscountess Dillon; Countell Manvers; Lady Hobhouse.

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