Adams, William Henry Davenport. Celebrated Englishwomen of the Victorian Era. 2 vols., London: F. V. White, 1881; 1884; 1900.

See How To Make It as a Woman, 249, 263, 266-68.

TOC: Victoria; Harriet Martineau; Charlotte Bronte; Mary Russell Mitford; Mary Somerville; Sara Coleridge; Mary Carpenter; Adelaide Anne Procter; Marian George Eliot Evans; Jane Welsh Carlyle. *Pop Chart.

Of 29 collections by Adams listed in Riches, 7 are all-female. Bodleian catalogue lists 33 biographical collections, among 117 volumes by Adams (including seafaring adventures, histories of battles), plus 30 volumes that he edited or translated. Characteristic works include Round the World with the Union Jack (London, 1894) and The Secret of Success (London, 1879). Records of Noble Lives (London, etc.: Nelson, 1867), presents Sydney, Bacon, Robert Blake, George Monk, Duke of Albemarle, William Penn, and Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills [explorers]: "some noble Englishmen, for the special instruction and entertainment of English boys." Adams claims to be "a gatherer and disposer of other men's facts," and hopes to urge boys "to lead a true and noble life" (iii-v).

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