Thornton-Cook, Elsie Prentys. Her Majesty: The Romance of the Queens of England, 1066-1910. London: Murray, 1926; 1928. New York: Dutton, 1927; 1928.

Author of Their Majesties of Scotland (London: Murray, 1928), and biographical novels about the Carlyles and the Brontës.

TOC: I. The House of Normandy; "Mother of a Mighty Line of Kings": Matilda of Flanders; "From Nunnery to Throne": Edith Matilda of Scotland; "From Throne to Convent": Adelicia of Louvaine; "Queen vs. Empress": Matilda of Boulogne and the Empress Matilda-Maud; II. The House of Plantagenet; "By the Wrath of God, Queen of England!": Eleanora of Aquitaine; "A Crusading Queen": Berengaria of Navarre; "By the Glitter of a Crown": Isabella of Angoulême, and also concerning Avisa; "The Ladye of Gay Provence": Eleanor of Provence; "The Faithful": Eleanora of Castile; "Good Withouten Lack": Marguerite of France; "The She-Wolf of France": Isabella of France; "A Queen Whose Crown Was Pawned": Philippa of Hainault; "A Daughter of the Caesars": Anne of Bohemia; The "Little" Queen: Isabella of Valois; III. The House of Lancaster; "The Witchcraft Queen": Johanna of Navarre; "We Will Have the King's Daughter": Katherine of Valois; "The Red Rose Queen": Margaret of Anjou; IV. The House of York; "The Widow-Woman of England": Elizabeth Woodville; "The Pageant Queen": Anne Neville; V. The House of Tudor; "A Queen in Sanctuary": Elizabeth of York; "They Shall Be Childless": Katharine of Aragon; "Queen Anne Sans Tête!": Anne Boleyn; "Bound to Obey and Serve": Jane Seymour; "God Send Me Weel to Keepe": Anne of Cleves; "No Other Than His!": Katharine Howard; "Katheryn the Quene-Regent, K.P.": Katharine Parr; "The Nine Days' Queen": Lady Jane Grey; "Marye, Child of K....": Mary Tudor; "It Was Done by a Woman": Elizabeth Tudor; VI. The House of Stuart; "A Boy-King's Wooing": Anne of Denmark; "Queen of Bitain and Queen of Love": Henrietta Maria (also the story of Anne Hyde); "Accused at the Bar of the House": Catherine of Braganza; "The Fortune of England": Mary Beatrice of Modena; "The Sister Queens": Mary II; "The Sister Queens": Anne; VII. The House of Hanover; "The Duchess of Ahlden": Sophia Dorothea of Celle; "You May Strut, Dapper George": Caroline of Anspach; "A Cinderella Princess": Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz; "The 'Injured Queen of England'": Caroline of Brunswick; "The Gentle Queen": Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen; VIII. The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; "The Sea Kings Daughter": Alexandra; Appendix: A Chart of Dates and Nationalities.

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