Parton, James. The World's Famous Women: A Series of Sketches of Women Who Have Won Distinction by Their Genius and Achievements as Authors, Artists, Actors, Rulers, or within the Precincts of the Home. New York: Alden; American, 1888. Philadelphia: Hubbard, 1889. New York: Lovell, n.p.: Edgewood, 1890. New York: International, [1890s?].

TOC: Charlotte Cushman; Maria Mitchell; Mrs. Trollope; Adelaide Phillips; Two Queens, the Daughters of James II of England; An Evening with Rachel; Josephine and Bonaparte; Lady Morgan; Maria Theresa; Lady Franklin; Madame de Miramion; Peg O'Neal; Mrs. L.M. Monmouth, and How She Lived on Forty Dollars a Year; Trial of Jeanne Darc, Commonly Called Joan of Arc; Harriet Martineau; The Wife of LaFayette; Betsy Patterson, Otherwise Madame Jerome Bonaparte of Baltimore; Some Ladies of the Old School; Toru Dutt; George Sand. *Pop Chart.

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