[Hope, Eva]. Queens of Literature of the Victorian Era. By the Authors of “Our Queen,” “Life of General Gordon,” etc. London: Walter Scott, 1886.

TOC: Mary Somerville [“The Queen of Science”]; Harriet Martineau [ “the Political Economist and Friend of the People”]; Elizabeth Barrett Browning [ “The English Sappho”]; Charlotte Bronte [ “The Moorland Romancist”]; George Eliot [ “The Greatest Novelist of the Reign of Our Queen”]; Felicia Hemans [ “The Poet of Womanhood”].

Frontispiece Mary Somerville. Catalogue of Popular and Standard Books including Science Manuals, Illustrated Novels, Reward Books, etc., etc. in Handsome bindings, suitable for Prizes and General Presents. New series of the Canterbury Poets; New Series of Bijou Books; new Series of Classics, etc. etc. 1886. [with specimen illustrations]. Our Queen: A Sketch of the Life and Times of Victoria. By the Author of “Grace Darling”. Life of General Gordon. With Photographic Portrait taken at Khartoum. By the Authors of “Our Queen,” “Grace Darling,” etc. [note plural] also New World Heroes: Lincoln and Garfield by same “authors”; elsewhere in catalogue, these works are credited to Eva Hope. Catalogue includes series of Memorable Men of the Nineteenth Century. Famous Engineers by J.F. Layson. Christian Heroines by Daniel C. Eddy [missionaries] Select Christian Biographies Rev. James Gardner. Reward Books include bios of George Stephenson, Robert Stephenson, Garbaldi, Felix Neff. The Every-Day Help Series for Young Men and Young Women. How to Do Business --to Behave --To Write --to Debate. Books for Children; Standard Novels (without authors, some unfamiliar titles today).

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