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828. Villiers, Elizabeth [i.e., Isabel Mary Thorne]. Our Queen Mothers.
827. Villiers, Elizabeth [i.e., Isabel Mary Thorne]. Love Stories of English Queens.
732. Smith, John Frederick. Romantic Incidents in the Lives of the Queens of England.
912. Woodward, Ida. Five English Consorts of Foreign Princes.
803. Thornton-Cook, Elsie Prentys. Royal Elizabeths: The Romance of Five Princesses, 1464-1840.
708A. Senior, Elizabeth. Henry VIII and His Wives.
424. Howitt, Mary, Biographical Sketches of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Victoria; or, Royal Book of Beauty. Illustrated by Twenty-Eight Highly-Finished Portraits on Steel.
657. Rait, Robert S., Five Stuart Princesses.
822. Tytler, Sarah [i.e. Henrietta Keddie]. Tudor Queens and Princesses.
609. O'Malley, I[da] B[eatrice]. Great Englishwomen.
Heywood, Thomas. The Exemplary Lives and Memorable Acts of Nine of the Most Worthy Women of the World: Three Iewes, Three Gentiles, Three Christians.
802. Thornton-Cook, Elsie Prentys. Her Majesty: The Romance of the Queens of England, 1066-1910.
327. Glover, [Elizabeth Rosetta Scott], Lady. Rosetta M. Fairfax. Great Queens: Famous Women Rulers of the East.
[Shirley, John]. The Illustrious History of Women.
712. Sergeant, Philip Walsingham. Dominant Women.
579. Montgomery, Lucy Maud, Marion Keith [i.e., Mary Esther Miller MacGregor], and Mabel Burns McKinley. Courageous Women.
804. Thornton-Cook, Elsie Prentys. Royal Marys, Princess Mary and Her Predecessors.
897. Wittenmyer, Annie. The Women of the Reformation.
673. Richmond, Euphemia Johnson Guernsey. Woman, First and Last: And What She Has Done.
806. Timpson, Thomas. British Female Biography: Being Select Memoirs of Pious Ladies in Various Ranks of Public and Private Life: Including Queens, Princesses, Martyrs, Scholars, Instructors, Poetesses, Philanthropists, Ministers' Wives.
Results found: 38, page: 1/2
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