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551. Mason, Amelia Ruth Gere. Women of the French Salons.
477. Kavanagh, Julia. French Women of Letters: Biographical Sketches.
168. Child, Lydia Maria Francis. ed. Lydia Child, The Biographies of Madame de Staël and Madame Roland.
117. Brooks, Geraldine Dames and Daughters of the French Court.
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783. Tallentyre, S[tephen] G., [and Evelyn Beatrice Hall]. Women of the Salons, and Other French Portraits.
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660. Ravenel, Florence Leftwich. Women and the French Tradition.
173A. Clarke, Isabel Constance. Six Portraits.
10. Adams, William Henry Davenport Famous Beauties and Historic Women: A Gallery of Croquis Biographiques.
704A. Scott, George Ryley. Ten Ladies of Joy.
219. Dark, Sidney. Twelve More Ladies; Good, Bad and Indifferent.
147. Cary, Alice, and Phoebe Cary, The Josephine Gallery.
692. Russell, William. Extraordinary Women: Their Girlhood and Early Life.
589. Mossman, Samuel. Gems of Womanhood; or, Sketches of Distinguished Women in Various Ages & Nations.
625. Parton, James. Eminent Women: A Series of Sketches of Women Who Have Won Distinction by Their Genius and Achievements as Authors, Artists, Actors, Rulers, or within the Precincts of the Home.
411. Holloway, Laura Carter [Langford]. The Mothers of Great Men and Women, and Some Wives of Great Men.
372. Hamilton, Catherine Jane. Women Writers: Their Works and Ways.
425. Hubbard, Elbert. Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Women.
1. Abbot, Willis John. Notable Women in History: The Lives of Women Who in All Ages, All Lands and in All Womanly Occupations Have Won Fame and Put Their Imprint on the World's History.
Results found: 24, page: 1/2
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