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409. Holland, Rupert Sargent. Historic Girlhoods.
773. Sweetser, Kate Dickinson. George Alfred Williams. Ten Girls From History.
461. Jenkins, John Stilwell. Heroines of History.
520. Lord, John [1810-1894]. Great Women.
616. Owen, Mrs. Octavius Freire [Emily]. The Heroines of History.
507A Lee, F.H. The Children's Book of Heroines.
927. Yonge, Charles Duke. The Seven Heroines of Christendom: Joan of Arc, Margaret of Anjou, Isabella of Castile, Charlotte, Countess of Derby, Maria Theresa, Flora MacDonald, Marie Antoinette.
667. Remarkable Women of Different Nations and Ages. 1st ser.
844. Walters, E. W. Heroines of the World-War.
419. Horton, Edith. A Group of Famous Women: Stories of Their Lives.
174. Clarke, Mary Cowden. World-Noted Women; or, Types of Womanly Attributes of All Lands and Ages. Author of “The Iron Cousin,” “The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines,” The Complete Concordance to Shakespear,” ETC., ETC. Illustrated with seventeen engravings on Steel, from Original designs by Charles Staal.
589. Mossman, Samuel. Gems of Womanhood; or, Sketches of Distinguished Women in Various Ages & Nations.
154. Chambers, William, Lives of Eminent Women and Tales for Girls, from Chambers’ Miscellany.
332. Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. Lives of Celebrated Women.
454. Jameson, Anna Brownell. Mary E. Hewitt. Lives of Celebrated Female Sovereigns and Illustrious Women.
207. Creighton, Louise. Some Famous Women.
[Ravisius Textor, Joannes]. De Memorabilibus et claris mulieribus aliquot diversorum scriptorum opera.
219. Dark, Sidney. Twelve More Ladies; Good, Bad and Indifferent.
519. Lord, Fred Townley. Great Women in Christian History.
Krull, Kathleen. Lives of Extraordinary Women: Rulers, Rebels (and What the Neighbors Thought).
Results found: 60, page: 1/3
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