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794. Thompson, Henry [1797-1878]. The Life of Hannah More: With Notices of Her Sisters.
332. Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. Lives of Celebrated Women.
520. Lord, John [1810-1894]. Great Women.
572. Middleton, Meade [i.e., Fannie H. Bent]. Five Women of England.
777. Tabor, Margaret Emma. Pioneer Women. 2d ser.
49. Balfour, Clara Lucas Liddell Elizabeth Smith, Hannah Kilham, Ann H. Judson, Mrs. Barbauld, Hannah More and Her Sisters, Mrs. M. L. Duncan, Mrs. Sherman, Mrs. Trimmer, Sarah Martin
178. Clayton, Ellen Creathorne [afterward Needham]. Notable Women: Stories of Their Lives and Characters: A Book for Young Ladies.
270A. Excellent Women.
834. Walford, Lucy Bethia. Four Biographies from ‘Blackwood’: Jane Taylor, Elizabeth Fry, Hannah More, Mary Somerville.
Lee, Anna Maria. Memoirs of Eminent Female Writers, of All Ages and Countries.
52. Balfour, Clara Lucas Liddell Working Women of the Last Half Century: The Lessons of Their Lives.
312. Gardner, Rev. James Memoirs of Eminent Christian Females: With an Essay on the Influences of Female Piety.
467. Johnson, Joseph Heroines of Our Time: Being Sketches of the Lives of Eminent Women: With Examples of Their Benevolent Works, Truthful Lives and Noble Deeds.
683. Rolt-Wheeler, Ethel. Famous Blue-Stockings. With Sixteen Illustrations.
835. Walford, Lucy Bethia. Twelve English Authoresses.
836. Walker, Albert. Eminent Women: With Lessons from Their Lives: Being Examples for Girls.
5. Adams, Henry Gardiner, Cyclopaedia of Female Biography: Consisting of Sketches of All Women Who Have Been Distinguished by Great Talents, Strength of Character, Piety, Benevolence, or Moral Virtue of Any Kind; Forming a Complete Record of Womanly Excellence or Ability.
32. Anderson, William. Model Women.
195. Cone, Helen Gray, and Jeanette L. Gilder, Pen-Portraits of Literary Women by Themselves and Others.
360. Hale, Sarah Josepha [Buell]. Lessons from Women's Lives.
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