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507A Lee, F.H. The Children's Book of Heroines.
154. Chambers, William, Lives of Eminent Women and Tales for Girls, from Chambers’ Miscellany.
279. Farrance, E. H. Twelve Wonderful Women: The Romance of Their Life and Work.
570. Michael, Charles D. Heroines: True Tales of Brave Women: A Book for British Girls.
360. Hale, Sarah Josepha [Buell]. Lessons from Women's Lives.
628. Parton, James. Noted Women of Europe and America: Authors, Artists, Reformers, and Heroines, Queens, Princesses and Women of Society, Women Eccentric or Peculiar: From the Most Recent and Authentic Sources.
143. Carey, Rosa Nouchette. Twelve Notable Good Women of the XIX Century, with Twelve Portraits.
311. Galley, Lucile Vessot. Famous Women: Character Representation— An Historic Entertainment.
414. [Hope, Eva]. Queens of Literature of the Victorian Era. By the Authors of “Our Queen,” “Life of General Gordon,” etc.
125. Bruce, Charles, The Book of Noble Englishwomen: Lives Made Illustrious by Heroism, Goodness, and Great Attainments.
527. Mabie, Hamilton Wright, and Kate Stephens, Heroines That Every Child Should Know: Tales for Young People of the World's Heroines of All Ages.
558A. McNeill, William. The Noble Women of the Staircase and Atrium Windows in the Lady Chapel of the Liverpool Cathedral.
589. Mossman, Samuel. Gems of Womanhood; or, Sketches of Distinguished Women in Various Ages & Nations.
615. Owen, Mrs. Octavius Freire [Emily]. The Heroines of Domestic Life.
751. Starling, Elizabeth. Noble Deeds of Woman.
373. Hamilton, Cicely Mary. A Pageant of Great Women.
444. Irvine, E. Marie. Certain Worthy Women.
293. Fifty Famous Women and the Lessons of Their Lives: Illustrated with Numerous Wood Engravings.
Results found: 18, page: 1/1
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