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550. Masefield, Muriel Agnes [Bussell]. Women Novelists from Fanny Burney to George Eliot.
582. Moore, Virginia. Distinguished Women Writers.
12. Adams, William Henry Davenport Stories of the Lives of Noble Women.
485. Ker, Cecil. Women Who Have Made Good.
723. Sinclair, May. The Three Brontës.
195. Cone, Helen Gray, and Jeanette L. Gilder, Pen-Portraits of Literary Women by Themselves and Others.
175. Clayton, Ellen Creathorne [afterward Needham]. Celebrated Women: Stories of Their Lives and Examples, Literary, Social, & Historical: A Book for Young Ladies.
467. Johnson, Joseph Heroines of Our Time: Being Sketches of the Lives of Eminent Women: With Examples of Their Benevolent Works, Truthful Lives and Noble Deeds.
52. Balfour, Clara Lucas Liddell Working Women of the Last Half Century: The Lessons of Their Lives.
409. Holland, Rupert Sargent. Historic Girlhoods.
210. Cruse, Amy. Boys and Girls Who Became Famous.
465. Johnson, Joseph Brave Women: Who Have Been Distinguished for Heroic Actions and Noble Virtues; Who Have Exhibited Fearless Courage; Stout Hearts; and Intrepid Resolve.
569. Meyers, Robert Cornelius V. World-Famous Women: Types of Heroism, Beauty and Influence Including the Life, and Diamond Jubilee of Victoria Sixty Years a Queen.
19A. Ahlers, Lena C. Daughters Known to Fame.
471. Johnson, Reginald Brimley. The Women Novelists.
Rolka, Gail Meyer. 100 Women Who Shaped World History.
Ashby, Ruth, and Deborah Gore Ohrn, eds. Herstory.
236. Dickes, William. Women of Worth: A Book for Girls.
425. Hubbard, Elbert. Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Women.
15. Adams, William Henry Davenport Women of Fashion and Representative Women in Letters and Society: A Series of Biographical and Critical Studies.
Results found: 27, page: 1/2
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