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26. An American Lady [Ann Hasseltine Judson]. Sketches of the Lives of Distinguished Females: Written for Girls, with a View to Their Mental and Moral Improvement.
886. Willson, Arabella M. Stuart. The Lives of Mrs. Ann H. Judson and Mrs. Sarah B. Judson: With a Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Emily C. Judson, Missionaries to Burma.
386. Hartley, Cecil B. Three Mrs. Judsons: The Female Missionaries.
173. Clark, Rev. David Wasgatt. Portraits of Celebrated Women: With Brief Biographies.
644. Pitman, Mrs. Emma R[aymond]. Lady Missionaries in Foreign Lands.
786. Telford, John. Women in the Mission Field: Glimpses of Christian Women among the Heathen.
569. Meyers, Robert Cornelius V. World-Famous Women: Types of Heroism, Beauty and Influence Including the Life, and Diamond Jubilee of Victoria Sixty Years a Queen.
331. Goodrich, Frank Boott. Women of Beauty and Heroism: From Semiramis to Eugenie: A Portrait Gallery of Female Loveliness, Achievement, and Influence.
41. Bacon, David Francis, Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women of Britain and America.
879. Williams, S. W. Queenly Women, Crowned and Uncrowned.
720. Sigourney, Mrs. L[ydia]. H[untley]. Great and Good Women: Biographies for Girls.
816. Tweedie, Rev. W[illiam] K[ing] [1803-1863]. The Early Choice: A Book for Daughters.
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