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482. K[elty], M[ary] A[nn]. Biography for Young Ladies.
9. Adams, William Henry Davenport Exemplary Women: A Record of Feminine Virtues and Achievements.
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Eccentric Biography; or, Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters, Ancient and Modern. Including Actresses, Adventurers, Authoresses, Fortune-Tellers, Gipsies, Dwarfs, Swindlers and Vagrants: Also Many Others who Have Distinguished Themselves by Their Chastity, Dissipation, Intrepidity, Learning, Abstinence, Credulity, &c., &c.: Alphabetically Arranged: Forming a Pleasing Mirror of Reflection to the Female Mind. Ornamented with Portraits of the Most Singular Characters in the Work.
30. Anderson, Rev. James. Ladies of the Reformation: Memoirs of Distinguished Female Characters, Belonging to the Period of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century. England, Scotland, and the Netherlands.
184. Cochelet, Louise [“Mme Parquin”]. Lives of Celebrated Women.
272. Facts to Correct Fancies; or, Short Narratives Compiled from the Biography of Remarkable Women. Written for Children, by a Mother.
200. Costello, Louisa Stuart. Memoirs of Eminent Englishwomen.
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Sharp, T., and John Stanford. The Heavenly Sisters; or, Biographical Sketches of the Lives of Thirty Eminently Pious Females, Partly Extracted from the Works of Gibbon, Germont, and Others, and Partly Original: Designed for the Use of Females in General, and Particularly Recommended for the Use of Ladies' Schools. To which is Added, a Memoir of Mrs. Abigail, Wife of the Late President Adams, and a Sketch of the Active Life of Mrs. Sarah Hoffman.
806. Timpson, Thomas. British Female Biography: Being Select Memoirs of Pious Ladies in Various Ranks of Public and Private Life: Including Queens, Princesses, Martyrs, Scholars, Instructors, Poetesses, Philanthropists, Ministers' Wives.
495. Lancelott, Francis. The Queens of England and Their Times: From Matilda, Queen of William the Conqueror, to Adelaide, Queen of William the Fourth.
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505. Lee, Anna Maria. Memoirs of Eminent Female Writers, of All Ages and Countries.
174. Clarke, Mary Cowden. World-Noted Women; or, Types of Womanly Attributes of All Lands and Ages. Author of “The Iron Cousin,” “The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines,” The Complete Concordance to Shakespear,” ETC., ETC. Illustrated with seventeen engravings on Steel, from Original designs by Charles Staal.
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448. James, G[eorge] P[ayne] R[ainsford], Memoirs of Celebrated Women.
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