1770. Stretch, L. M. The Beauties of History; or, Pictures of Virtue and Vice, Drawn from Real Life: Designed for the Instruction and Entertainment of Youth. 2. vols. London: for author. 2d ed., Dublin: Marchbank, 1775. 3d ed., London: E. & C. Dilly, 1777. 5th ed., London, 1782; 1787; 1794; 1802; 1813; 1815; 1833. 2008.

British Library.

TOC: Conjugal Affection: The Wife of Julius Sabinus; The Wife of Cavades, King of Persia; The Wife of Phocion, General of the Athenians; The Wife of Acilius the Roman; The Young Prince of Armenia to the Princess; Pliny to his Wife Terentia; Ambition: Tullia, Who Plots the Death of Her Husband and Sister, then Marries her Brother in Law; Beneficence: Lady Burleigh; Chastity: Phocais, an Ionian Lady; Elizabeth, the Young Widow of Sir John Grey; Lucretia; The Conduct of a Lacedemonian Lady; Chiamara, the Wife of Ortiagon; Compassion: Blanche of Castile, Queen Regent of France; The Czarina; Sentiments: Jane of Flounders, Wife of Charles de Blois; Constancy: Mrs. Askew; Cruelty: Mary I of England; Education: Phronissa and Her Daughters; Gaming: Mira; Dorinda; Happiness: Monima; Industry: Lady Jane Grey; Princess Elizabeth.

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