Willing, Jennie Fowler. God's Great Women. Louisville, KY: Pentecostal, [1910s?].

Author of The Potential Woman: A Book for Young Ladies (Boston: McDonald & Gill, 1886). Mount Vernon Nazarene University (Ohio) copy a 158-pp. brown cloth-bound book signed in ink on flyleaf "Irene Angerer./ 1916." thus suggesting publication date range. Paper browned and fragile. Chapter XVI, "God's Model Woman," refers to the description in Proverbs 31 of the woman whos price is above rubies. This description "is in perfect accord with the most advanced thought of this latest, best century. Quoting Sojourner Truth to the effect that you should just claim your rights, the text advises studying the Bible and living by it to gain rights (96). Women have in general been "bought and sold, and at a very low rate of exchange. Even in our own country...the head of the Mormon church" supposedly said wives were expendable (97). But "a good wife is God's best gift....She is industrious....She will not be kept in idleness" (97). This copy appears to have been checked out quite often since 1972 and has some pink highlighting of passages.

TOC: Eve, the mother; Rebkah, the woman of affairs; Rachel, the favorite; Leah, the unloved; Jochebed, the courageous; Miriam, the leader; Rahab, the converted heathen; Deborah, the judge; Jael, the deliverer; Ruth, the foreigner; Naomi, the gracious; Hannah, the rewarded mother; Abigail, the wise; The Widow of Zarephath; The Hospitable Shunamite; God's model woman; Esther, the beautiful diplomat; Elizabeth, Mother of the Herald; Mary, the mother our Lord; Mary, the spiritual minded; Martha, the housekeeper; The Woman of Samaria; Mary, the healed demoniac; Dorcas, the friend of the poor; Priscilla, the happy Christmas worker; Salome, the ambitious.

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