Sweetser, Kate Dickinson. Famous Girls of the White House. New York: Crowell, 1930. Rev. ed., New York: Crowell, 1937.

Foreword: “Let no reader take this as a serious historical document. It is just a gallery of girls painted on the walls of Time in colors that will never fade. Blonde, or brunette, - tall, or petite, - vivacious or demure, - we see them all playing their roles in the Executive Mansion, but for the political and Presidential struggles, enmities, victories, defeats and vital issues which formed the background of their various lives, there is no place in this book.”

TOC: Nelly Custis: A Girl of Mount Vernon; Dolly Madison: A Little Quaker Girl; Martha and Mary Jefferson: The Motherless Daughters of Thomas Jefferson; The Monroe Girls: Daughters of President Monroe; "Lovely Emily": A Mistress of the White House; Angelica Singleton: A Beauty of the White House; Julia Gardiner: The Girl Who Knew Shadow and Sunshine; "Miss Betty": A Wild Rose of the White House; Harriet Lane: A White House Beauty and Belle; Two White House Brides: 1874-1886; Alice Roosevelt: A "Princess" of the White House; Helen Taft: The Girl of the White House Who Was "Different"; Three Girls in the White House: Daughters of President Wilson.

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