Dawson, Edwin Collas. Heroines of Missionary Adventure: True Stories of the Intrepid Bravery and Patient Endurance of Missionaries in Their Encounters with Uncivilized Man, Wild Beasts, and the Forces of Nature in All Parts of the World. London: Seeley, 1903; 1908; 1909; 1917; 1919; 1925; 1930; Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1909. Ohio: Schmul 1979.

TOC: Mrs. Duff; Mrs. Robert Clark; A.L.O.E; Fanny Butler; Mary Reed; Irene Petrie; Alice Marvel; Mrs. Hudson Taylor and Mrs. Polhill; The Martyrs of Hwa-Sang; Louisa Stewart; Some Chinese Martyrs; Mrs. McDougall; Mrs. Bowen Thompson; Fidelia Fiske; Mrs. Krapf; Anna Hinderer; Madame Coillard; Rebecca Wakefield; Mrs. Green; Mrs. Bishop; Mother Cecile; Frances Jervis Shaw; Mary Louisa Whately; Hansina Christina Hinz; Mrs. Ridley; Martha Croll; Among the “Blackfellows” of North Australia.

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