Chapman, William. Notable Women of the Covenant: Their Lives and Times. London: Swan Sonnenschein, 1883.

British Library. These three titles by William Chapman, identical to those of James Anderson, appear in Riches.

TOC: The Viscountess of Kenmure; The Marchioness of Agyll; The Countess of Balcarres (The Countess of Argyll) and her Daughter; Mrs. James Guthrie; Mrs. James Durham; Mrs. James Carstairs; Mrs. John Livingstone; Mrs. William Veitch; Isabel Alison; Marion Harbey; Margaret Wilson; Margaret McLauchland; Lady Caldwell; The Marchioness of Hamilton; The Duchess of Hamilton; The Duchess of Atholl; Lady Boyd; The Duchess of Rothes; The Countess of Crawford; Lady Culross; Lady Colvill; Lady Graden; Lady Baille.

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