Ashton, Sophia Goodrich. The Mothers of the Bible. Boston: Jewett, 1854; 1855. New York: Sheldon, Lamport & Blakeman, 1855; Tilton, 1859; 1865; Appleton, 1866.

TOC: The Bible; The Mothers of the Bible; Eve; Other Antediluvian Mothers; Sarah and Hagar; The Wife of Lot; Rebekah; Leah and Rachel; Jochabed; The Mothers of Israel in Egypt; Zipporah; The Mothers of Israel at Horeb; The Widowed Mothers of Israel at Horeb; Noami and Ruth; Hannah; Ichabod's Mother; The Mother of Samson; Rizpah; Bathsheba; Abigail; The Mother of Rehoboam; The Mother of Abijah; Jezebel; Athaliah; The Widow of Zarephath; The Shunamite; The Mother of Job's Children; Elizabeth; Mary; The Widow of Nain; The Syrophenician Mother; The Grandmother and Mother of Timothy.

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