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655. Queen Victoria and Other Excellent Women.
275. Famous Women of the World.
629. Parton, James, ed. Some Noted Princes, Authors and Statesmen of Our Time By Canon Farrar, James T. Fields, Archibald Forbes, E. P. Whipple, James Parton, Louise Chandler Moulton, and others.
698. Sanderson, Edgar, and John Porter Lamberton, John McGovern, Joseph Morgan Rogers, Laurence E. Greene, et al. Famous Women.
624. Parton, James. Daughters of Genius: A Series of Sketches of Authors, Artists, Reformers, and Heroines, Queens, Princesses, and Women of Society, Women Eccentric and Peculiar, from the Most Recent and Authentic Sources.
5. Adams, Henry Gardiner, Cyclopaedia of Female Biography: Consisting of Sketches of All Women Who Have Been Distinguished by Great Talents, Strength of Character, Piety, Benevolence, or Moral Virtue of Any Kind; Forming a Complete Record of Womanly Excellence or Ability.
270. Ewart, Henry, True and Noble Women.
739. Somerville, Rose. Brief Epitomes of the Lives of Eminent Women.
579. Montgomery, Lucy Maud, Marion Keith [i.e., Mary Esther Miller MacGregor], and Mabel Burns McKinley. Courageous Women.
396. Hedemann, Franzisca, Baroness von. Love Stories of Court Beauties.
419. Horton, Edith. A Group of Famous Women: Stories of Their Lives.
19A. Ahlers, Lena C. Daughters Known to Fame.
649. Pool, John J. Woman's Influence in the East: As Shown in the Noble Lives of Past Queens and Princesses of India.
177. Clayton, Ellen Creathorne [afterward Needham]. Female Warriors: Memorials of Female Valour and Heroism, from the Mythological Ages to the Present Era.
673. Richmond, Euphemia Johnson Guernsey. Woman, First and Last: And What She Has Done.
251. Egermeier, Elsie Emilie. Girl's Stories of Great Women.
266. John Henry Ingram Eminent Women Series.
607. Oliphant, Margaret, et al. Women Novelists of Queen Victoria's Reign: A Book of Appreciations.
792. Thayer, William M[akepeace]. Women Who Win: Or Making Things Happen.
414. [Hope, Eva]. Queens of Literature of the Victorian Era. By the Authors of “Our Queen,” “Life of General Gordon,” etc.
Results found: 54, page: 2/3