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655. Queen Victoria and Other Excellent Women.
448. James, G[eorge] P[ayne] R[ainsford], Memoirs of Celebrated Women.
Eccentric Biography; or, Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters, Ancient and Modern. Including Actresses, Adventurers, Authoresses, Fortune-Tellers, Gipsies, Dwarfs, Swindlers and Vagrants: Also Many Others who Have Distinguished Themselves by Their Chastity, Dissipation, Intrepidity, Learning, Abstinence, Credulity, &c., &c.: Alphabetically Arranged: Forming a Pleasing Mirror of Reflection to the Female Mind. Ornamented with Portraits of the Most Singular Characters in the Work.
282. Fawcett, Millicent Garrett, Dame.[Mrs. Henry —] Some Eminent Women of Our Times: Short Biographical Sketches.
200. Costello, Louisa Stuart. Memoirs of Eminent Englishwomen.
624. Parton, James. Daughters of Genius: A Series of Sketches of Authors, Artists, Reformers, and Heroines, Queens, Princesses, and Women of Society, Women Eccentric and Peculiar, from the Most Recent and Authentic Sources.
Stretch, L. M. The Beauties of History; or, Pictures of Virtue and Vice, Drawn from Real Life: Designed for the Instruction and Entertainment of Youth.
848. Watson, Henry Clay. Romance of History: As Exhibited in the Lives of Celebrated Women of All Ages and Countries; Comprising Remarkable Examples of Female Courage, Disinterestedness, and Self-Sacrifice.
Jerment, Rev. George, ed. Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women, Who Were Ornaments of Their Sex, Blessings to Their Countries and Edifying Examples to the Church and World by Thomas Gibbons.
800. Thormanby. [i.e. Wilmott Willmott-Dixon]. Queens of Beauty and Their Romances.
847. Watson, Henry Clay. Heroic Women of History: Comprising Some of the Most Remarkable Examples of Female Courage, Disinterestedness, Devotion, and Self-Sacrifice of Ancient and Modern Times.
Biographium faemineum: The Female Worthies; or, Memoirs of the Most Illustrious Ladies, of All Ages and Nations, who Have Been Eminently Distinguished for Their Magnanimity, Learning, Genius, Virtue, Piety, and Other Excellent Endowments...Containing (Exclusive of Foreigners) the Lives of above Fourscore British Ladies...Collected from History, and the Most Approved Biographers, and Brought Down to the Present Time...
320. Gibson, Ellen E. The Godly Women of the Bible.
630. Parton, James, et al. James Parton, Eminent Women of the Age: Being Narratives of the Lives and Deeds of the Most [/More] Prominent Women of the Present Generation.
30A. Anderson, James, Rev. [of Edinburgh] Ladies of the Reformation: Memoirs of Distinguished Female Characters, Belonging to the Period of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century. Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain.
734. Snell, Frederick John. Margaret Tarrant. The Girlhood of Famous Women.
277. Farmer, Lydia Hoyt. Julia Ward Howe. The National Exposition Souvenir: What America Owes to Woman.
345. Gribble, Francis Henry. Women in War.
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