1686. [Shirley, John]. The Illustrious History of Women. London: J. Harris.

See How To Make It as a Woman, 27.

TOC: The PREFACE TO THE READER; To the LADIES the Authors APOLOGY; THE INTRODUCTION; Examples: Of Chast-Love; Of Chastity; Of Piety; Of Liberality; Of Humility; Of Patience; Of Steadfastness; Of Modesty; Of Temperance; Of Learning; Women skill'd in Painting; Women skill'd in Weaving; Of Courage and Conduct in War; Of Loyal Women; Argument; The GOLDEN CHARACTER Of a VIRTUOUS WOMAN In all her CAPACITIES; THE CHARACTER Of a VIRTUOUS WIFE; THE CHARACTER Of a VIRTUOUS WIDOW.

Text in Argument contents: The Introduction to the Reasons and Arguments, & Reasons and Arguments for the Capaci∣ties of the Soul of Women, & In Relation to Learning, Arts, and Sciences. & Reasons drawn from the Immortality and wonderful Operation of the Soul, more fully proving the Excellency of Woman-kind. The Happiness that accrues to Man in the possession of so great a Blessing as a Virtuous Woman. The Reasons why Mans Happiness is not compleat on Earth without the Charm∣ing Creature Woman.

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