1361-75. Boccaccio, Giovanni. De Claris Mulieribus / Concerning Famous Women. Translated by Guido A. Guarino. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1963.

TOC: Eve, Our First Mother; Semiramis, Queen of the Assyrians; Iousm Wife of Saturn; Juno, Goddesa of Kingdoms; Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture and Queen of Siciliy; Minerva, Also Known as Pallas; Venus, Queen of Cyprus; Isis, Queen and Goddess of Egypt; Europa, Queen of Crete; Libya, Queen of Libya; Martesia and Lampedo, queens of the Amazons; Thisbe, Maiden of Babylon; Hypermnestra, Queen of the Argives and Priestess of Juno; Niobe, Queen of Thebes; Hypsipyle, Queen of Lemnos; Medea, Queen of Colchis; Arachne of Colophon; Orithya and Antiope, Queens of the Amazons; Erythraea or Eriphila, the Sibyl; Medusa, Daughter of Phorcys; Iole, Queen of Aetolia; Deianira, Daughter of King Oeneus of Aetolia; Jocasta, Queen of Thebes; The Sibyl amalthea or Deiphobe; Nicostrata, Who Was Called Carmenta; Procris, Wife of Cephalus; Argia, Daughter of King Adrastus; Manto, Daughter of Tiresias; The Wives of the Minyans; Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons; Polyxena, Daughter of King Priam; Hecuba, Queen of the Trojans; Cassandra, Daughter of King Priam of Troy; Clytaemnestra, Queen of Mycenae; Helen, Wife of Menelaus; Circe, Daughter of the Sun; Camilla, Queen of the Volscians; Penelope, Wife of Ulysses; Lavinia, Queen of Laurentum; The Tyrian Dido or Elissa, Queen of Carthage; Nicaula, Queen of Ethiopia; Pamphile, Daughter of Plates; Rhea Ilia, Vestal Virgin; Gaia Cyrilla, Wife of Traquinius Priscus; Sappho, Poetess of Lesbos; Lucretia, Wife of Collatinus; Thamyris, Queen of Scythia; The Courtesan Leaena; Athaliah, Queen of Jerusalem; Cloelia, A Roman Virgin; The Greek Woman Hippo; Medullia Dotata; Veturia; The Painter Thamyris; Artemisia, Queen of Caria; The Virgin Verginia; Irene, Daughter Cratinus; Leontium; Olympias of Macedonia; The Vestal Virgin Claudia; Verginia, Wife of Lucius Volupinus.

See How To Make It as a Woman, 2, 26, and note 18 on page 301.

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