Women of the Old and New Testaments: A Series of Portraits. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1848. 2d ed. New York and Philadelphia: Appleton, 1851.

This is probably the collection by William Buell Sprague, later produced by Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright as The Women of the Bible (listed under Sprague above). Each portrait of a prominent woman of the Old or New Testament is written by a different author and includes an illustration. These portraits “aim to bring out those great lessons of truth and wisdom which, in some form or other, like embodied in all of these characters, and which are adapted to form the mind to virtue, usefulness and immortal felicity” (from Preface).

TOC: The Virgin Mary; Sarah; Elizabeth; Miriam; Anna the Prophetess; Rahab; Herodias; The Levite's Wife; Woman of the Samaria; Zipporah; The Canaanitish Woman; The Witch of Endor; Daughter of Jairus; Widow of Nain; Michel; Martha; Mary Magdalene; Bathsheba.

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