Willson, Arabella M. Stuart. The Lives of Mrs. Ann H. Judson and Mrs. Sarah B. Judson: With a Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Emily C. Judson, Missionaries to Burma. Auburn, NY,: Derby & Miller, 1851; 1852. Auburn, NY, and Buffalo, NY: Miller Orton & Mulligan, 1854. New York: Saxton, 1858; 1860. Note differing titles from same or different publishers. Rpt. as Lives of the Three Mrs. Judsons: Mrs. Ann H. Judson, Mrs. Sarah B. Judson, Mrs. Emily C. Judson: Missionaries to Burmah. Boston: Lee & Shephard, 1855; 1869; 1875. New York: Saxton, 1855; 1860.

TOC: Mrs. Ann H. Judson; Mrs. Sarah B. Judson; Mrs. Emily C. Judson.

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