Whale, Winifred Stephens. Women of the French Revolution. London: Chapman & Hall; New York: Dutton, 1922.

TOC: Women Agitators (Mme Legros; Theroigne de Mericourt; La Reine Audu); Salons and Salonnieres (Mme de Condorcet; Mme Helvetius at Auteuil, Mme de Condorcet; Mme de Stael); Clubs and Club Women (Theroigne de Mericourt, Mme de Genlis); Women Writers (Madame Roland); The Story of the Revolution Told by its Women Writers; (Mme de Stael; Mme Roland; Mme de Genlis, Mme Jullien, Louise Fusil, Charlotte Robespierre); Minor Women Writers of the Revolution (Julie Candeille, Olympe de Gouges); Women at Arms (Pauline Leon, Theroigne de Mericourt); Charlotte Corday; Women and Religion (Charlotte Corday,; Mme de Stael; Mme Roland; Mme Jullien); The Rise and Fall of the Women's Party.

Translator and biographer of French subjects; author of French Novelists of Today (1914). Not clear how Mericourt and Genlis are club women. Featured Subjects de Stael and Roland appear in several chapters.

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