Tweedie, Rev. W[illiam] K[ing] [1803-1863]. The Early Choice: A Book for Daughters. London, Edinburgh and New York: Nelson, 1855; 1857; 1859; 1860; 1862; 1863; 1864; 1866; 1868; 1871. Boston: D. Lothrop; Dover, NH: Day, 1865; 1869. Cincinnati, OH: Poe & Hitchcock, 1866; Hitchcock & Walden, 1869. Cincinnati, OH, and New York: Jennings & Pye; Eaton & Mains, [1870-1910?].

TOC: Laura Bridgman; Charlotte Elizabeth; Maria Gaetana Agnesi; Queen Esther; Monica; Catherine II; Olympia Morata; Lady William Russell; Lady Hester Stanhope; Madame Guyon; Manon Plipon , Madame Roland [sic]; Madame de Stael; Annie MacDonald; Mrs. Fry; Ann Hasseltine Judson; Sarah Martin; Mary Jane Graham; Clementine Cuvier; Mrs. Mary Winslow.

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Author of Earnest Men, Their Life and Work, Daily Duty: A Book for Girls , and several historical geographies of the Bible, among other works. “The late Rev. W. K. Tweedie, D.D., Author of ‘Seed-Time and Harvest,’ &c.” Frontispiece: a medley of images of babies “Learning to See,” “to Grasp,” etc. Pref. “This volume, in this edition, has been to a great extent re-written, and four new chapters have been added. It is chiefly designed for the young. . . to train them to connect happiness or sorrow with conduct and character” (iii). Much of text consists of life-narratives, in addition to subjects named in table of contents. Illustrations introduce further subjects without recounting their lives (e.g Miss More and Dr. Johnson [facing p. 80]).

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