Thoms, Adah B. Pathfinders: A History of the Progress of Colored Graduate Nurses... with Biographies of Many Prominent Nurses. New York: Kay, 1929; Garland, 1985.

NOT = Miscellaneous History. Chapters focus primarily on places and mention various women in relation to these places. Dedicated to The Colored Graduate Nurses of America, with "The Florence Nightingale Pledge" as the epigram to the Introduction. Includes portraits. Illustrations list provides biographical list: i. Aunt Harriet: Spy, scout and Civil War nurse; ii. Elizabeth Tyler, R.N.; iii. Jessie Sleet Scales, R.N.; iv. Ludie A. Andrews, R.N.;v. Louise M. Russell, R.N.; vi. Cecele B. Anderson, R.N.; vii. Mary Merritt, R.N.; viii. Ellen Woods Carter, R.N.; ix. Clara M. Harris, R.N.; x. Laura Baynes, R.N.; xi. Edith M. Carter, R.N.; xii. Cora Watson Winston, R.N.; xiii. Mattie C. McGhee, R.N.; xiv. Bessie B. Hawes, R.N.; xv. Charlotte K. May, R.N.; xvi. Mary E. Stayley, R.N.; xvii. Mary E. Williams, R.N.; xviii. Mabel Doyle Keaton, R.N.; xix. Marion J. Pettiford, R.N.; xx. Jennette O. May, R.N.; xxi. Alice Sightler, R.N.; xxii. Miss Belle Davis; xxiii. Emma C. Wilson, R.N.; xxiv. Petra Pinn, R.N.; xxv. Carrie E. Bullock, R.N.

Chapter titles: Chapter I: Introduction; Chapter II: Early Pathfinders; Chapter III: The First Professional Nurse; Chapter IV: Famous Schools and Their Graduates; Part I – Provident Hospital Training School; Part II – Dixie Hospital Training School; Part III – Tuskegee Institute Training School; Part IV – Freedmen’s Hospital Training School; Part V – St. Agnes Hospital Training School; Part VI – Flint – Goodridge Hospital Training School; Part VII – Lincoln Hospital Training School; Part VIII – Brewster Hospital Training School; Part IX – Mercy Hospital Training School; Part X – George W. Hubbard Hospital Training School; Part XI – Kansas City Hospital, No. 2, Training School; Part XII – Lamar Wing, University Hospital, Augusta; Part XIII – Millie E. Hale Hospital Training School; Part XIV – Well-known Graduates of Other Schools.

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