Strickland, Agnes, and Elisabeth Strickland. The Queens of England: A Series of Portraits of Distinguished Female Sovereigns. Drawn and Engraved by Eminent Artists, with Biographical and Historical Sketches, from Agnes Strickland. New York: Appleton, 1851.

A different repackaging in one volume than the 1851 abridged ed. above, this one dominated by its large portraits.

TOC: Matilda, Queen of Henry I; Eleanora, Queen of Henry II; Berengaria, Queen of Richard I; Isabella, Queen of King John; Eleanor, Queen of Henry III, Eleanora, First Queen of Edward I; Marguerite, Second Queen of Edward I; Isabella, Queen of Edward II; Philippa, Consort of Edward III; Anne, First Queen of Richard II; Isabella, Second Queen of Richard II; Joanna, Queen of Henry IV; Katharine, Consort of Henry VI; Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward IV; Anne, Queen of Richard III; Elizabeth, Queen of Henry VII; Katharine, First Queen of Henry VIII; Anne Boleyn, Second Queen of Henry VIII; Jane Seymour, Third Queen of Henry VIII; Katharene Parr, Sixth Queen of Henry VIII; Mary, First Queen Regnant; Elizabeth, Second Queen Regnant; Anne, Queen-Consort of James I; Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I; Caroline, Queen of George II; Victoria, Queen Regnant.

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