Somerville, Rose. Brief Epitomes of the Lives of Eminent Women. London: Women's Printing Society, 1886; [1896].

TOC: Josephine Butler; Frances Power Cobbe; Sister Dora.

British Library. 32-pp. pamphlet: “first of a series.” “The ‘New Woman,’ so-called, is not the exclusive production of this latter end of the nineteenth century, but has flourished wherever women have had the courage to shape their lives according to the dictates of their own consciences” (22). Cambridge University Library blurred acquisition stamp 23 March 1896 on cover and titlepage; light-olive green cover torn vertically upper left with white rectangle stamp 1545. Cream-colored, thick-weave paper; two stitches; some slightly separating. Butler bio begins with warlike tropes: “leaders of men…danger into opportunity…noble purpose. Not for bravery alone, is a general famous…” “Such a leader is…a representative woman of this century. Not only did she ennoble the cause for which she fought...” (3), she stayed calm in the “heat and din of a warfare” (4).

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