Sigourney, Mrs. L[ydia]. H[untley]. Great and Good Women: Biographies for Girls. Edinburgh: Nimmo, [1866]; 1871; Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell, 1885.

At least one piece appears to be largely an excerpt from Chambers's Journal.

TOC: Monica; Queen Catherine Parr; Jane, Queen of Navarre; Lady Jane Grey; Ann Eliot [Wife of Early New England John Eliot]; The Countess of Suffolk; The Countess of Warwick; Mrs. Mary Lloyd [1681-1749, Exemplary New England Mother and Three-Time Wife]; Mrs Ann Egede [Norwegian Missionary, Wife and Mother, in Greenland]; The Good Queen [Bertha, Who Converted Ethelbert of Kent to Christianity in 597]; Mrs Mary Washington; Elizabeth Fry; Anne Hasseltine Judson; Margaret Mercer [1791-1846, Well-Connected American Christian Educator]; Mrs Wilson [Educator of Women in India].

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British Library: listed under Huntley. Listed in Nimmo ads of 1875 (Bruce, Book of Noble Englishwomen ). Cf. title variants, [Cochrane], Lives of Good and Great Women . Indiana Univ. copy n.d. inscribed “Miss Emily Pike [?]/A prize for General/Order./ Thempsey/Xmas[?]/1869.” Frontis. colored engr. “Great and Good Women”: a contemporary mother tucking a small child wearing a cap into a comfortable, curtained bed in a well-furnished, carpeted room, by candlelight.

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