Sergeant, Philip Walsingham. Dominant Women. London: Hutchinson, 1929; 1930; Freeport: Books for Libraries, 1969.

TOC: Cleopatra the Magnificent; Zenobia, Queen of the East; Theodora of Byzantium; England's Royal Enigma [Queen Elizabeth]; Tarabai Rani; “The Beastly Brace” [Duchesses of Cleveland and Portsmouth, Mistresses of Charles II]; Duchess Sarah; Woman-Rule in Russia [Catherine I and Catherine II of Russia, Empress Elizabeth of Russia]; The Dancer-Politician [Lola Montez]; “The Old Buddha” [Tze-hi].

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Expert on chess, biographer of Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Josephine, Tze-hi the Empress Dowager of China, Eugénie, Anne Boleyn, Barbara Villiers (Duchess of Cleveland); books on gamblers, fakers, Historic British Ghosts (1936), etc.

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