Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin, ed. [with commentary]. The Book of the Ladies, by Pierre de Bourdeïlle, Abbé de Brantôme. Translated by Katherine Prescott Wormeley. Boston: Hardy, Pratt, 1899; 1902. New York: Collier; London: Heinemann, 1899. Boston: Millet, 1909. As: Illustrious Dames of the Court of the Valois Kings, by Pierre Brantôme. Translated by Katherine Prescott Wormeley. New York: Lamb, 1912.

Cf. Arthur Imbert de Saint-Amand, Women of the Valois Court , 1893. Sainte-Beuve [1804-1869], prolific literary biographer and critic, promoted French women of letters through published correspondence; his name is associated with reprints of Brantôme as early as 1868.

TOC: Anne de Bretagne; Catherine de’Medici; Marie Stuart; Elisabeth of France; Marguerite; Mesdames; Madame Yoland; Madame Jeanne; Madame Anne; Madame Claude; Madame Renee; Mesdames Charlotte, Louise, Magdelaine, Marguerite; Mesdames Elisabeth, Claude, and Marguerite; Madame Diane; Marguerite de Valois; Isabella d’Austriche; Jeanne d’Austriche; Marie d’Austriche; Louise de Lorraine; Marguerite de Lorraine; Christine of Denmark; Marie d’Autriche; Blanche de Montferrat; Catherine de Cleves.

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