Michael, Charles D. Heroines: True Tales of Brave Women: A Book for British Girls. London: S. W. Partridge, [1900?].

See How To Make It as a Woman, 207-8.

TOC: Wife of Bishop Wilkinson; Mrs. Frank Grimwood; Mrs. Granger; Emily Lacy; Florence Nightingale; Elizabeth Mouatt; Mrs. M'Dougal; Mrs. John (Norah) Halinstrom; Joan of Arc; Miss Kingsley; Grace Darling; Catherine Vasseur; Grace Bussell; Mabel Howard; Mrs. Kerr and Daughter; Mrs. Marion Smith; Agnes Green; Elizabeth Woodcock; Bessie Frampton; Milkmaid of Dort; Margaret and May Brown, Isabella Armstrong.

Chapter titles: Wife of Bishop Wilkinson (Zululand Missionaries); Mrs. Frank Grimwood (British Resident of Manipur); Mrs. Granger (Scottish Resistance); Emily Lacy (Survived Shipwreck 20 Hrs in Sea); Florence Nightingale; Elizabeth Mouatt (60-yr-old Adrift Alone in Ship); Mrs. M'Dougal (Ontario, Dealing with Indians); Mrs. John (Norah) Halinstrom (Saved Husband on Rope); Joan of Arc; Miss Kingsley (African Traveler); Grace Darling; Catherine Vasseur (Rescued Men from Sewer in Noyen); Grace Bussell (Rescued the Shipwrecked Australia 1876); Mabel Howard (in Michigan Rescued Girls in Bush Fire); Mrs. Kerr and Daughter (Sea Rescue); Mrs. Marion Smith (Battlefield in Transvaal 1880); Agnes Green (Lake District Loss of Parents); Elizabeth Woodcock (Buried in Snow Near Cambridge); Bessie Frampton (Shipwrecked Returning from Canada); Milkmaid of Dort (Foiled Attack by Spaniards); Margaret and May Brown, Isabella Armstrong (Fishergirls).

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