Meyers, Robert Cornelius V. World-Famous Women: Types of Heroism, Beauty and Influence Including the Life, and Diamond Jubilee of Victoria Sixty Years a Queen. Philadelphia: Ziegler, 1897. Title Variant: Victoria, Sixty Years a Queen: Her Life, Reign, Golden and Diamond Jubilee: Containing also Biographies of Other World Famous Women, Types of Heroism, Beauty and Influence. Philadelphia: Ziegler, 1897; 1901.

TOC: Victoria; Semiramis; Penelope; Cornelia; Cleopatra; Zenobia; Beatrice; Joan D'Arc; Isabella; Diana de Poitiers; Anne Boleyn; Mary, Queen of Scots; Pocahontas; Nell Gwynn; Lady Mary Wortley Montagu; Marie Antoinette; The Maid of Saragossa; Anne Hasseltine Judson; Charlotte Brontë; George Eliot; Martha Washington; Eugenie; Florence Nightingale.

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