Junot, Laure, Duchesse d'Abrantès. Memoirs of Celebrated Women of All Countries. With Portraits by the Most Eminent Masters. Memoirs of Celebrated Women of All Countries London: Churton, 1834. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Blanchard, 1835.

British Library. Published in Paris in 1833. Also listed under Abrantes, or alternate titles: Junot's Celebrated Women ; Lives of Celebrated Women ; Celebrated Women ; Women of All Countries . Junot is a subject in Hale (1853): wife of a favorite of Napoleon who became a lunatic suicide; she undertook literary labors to survive; met destitute end. Junot the subject of Catherine Mary Bearne's A Leader of Society at Napoleon's Court (London: Unwin, 1904). Frontispiece: Maria Letisia Ramolini Bonaparte, mother of Napoleon.

TOC: Maria Letizia Ramolini Bonaparte; Anna Zingha, Queen of Matamba; Lady Jane Gray; Dona Catalina de Erauso; Beatrice Cenci; Catherine the First Queen of Russia; Ann Boleyn; Baroness de Stael Holstein; Charlotte Corday; Josephine Bonaparte; Mary the Catholic, Queen of England ; Marina Mniszech; Christina, Queen of Sweden; Lady Mary Wortley Montagu; Marie Antoinette; Mary of Medicis.

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